Blanks can be interesting things in that they can exist without any of us knowing that they are even there. But I guess that might stand to more reason if part of your definition of a blank consists of an element of nothingness...back to business.
Rexburg, Idaho is one of my favorite cities. I have learned so much here and had some of the best memories of my life. It is a small town that was created by people who served more than themselves. These are people who put themselves aside for a more beautiful hope of a community. Arthur Porter was one of these people. His descendants still live in Rexburg. You might meet one of them at Porter's Crafts. Some classmates and I decided that the Park that he long ago renovated that many enjoy deserves a tribute to him like others have nearby.
The thing is, we didn't even do that much. We just had the idea. We researched the price and contacted the community and family-the proper people to get it rolling. The rest is history. Or at least a tribute to it.