It is interesting when a blank is a joint effort between you and external influences. For example, the above are some examples of designs that I was responsible for and helped to design under Parker Allen Studios. Sometimes, you would want to go a different direction, but the person for whom you are designing has a different idea. At first, I didn't like this process. I thought, "Just let me be creative and then see how awesome it will be." But then I realized that this blank belongs to someone else. Stretching yourself is a well know part of the creative process. Trying to see an others desired final product stretches your creativity. Some of the final choices made are not where I would have wanted it to end and sometimes even considered unattractive. But it is a great opportunity to see how an other mind works.

Raise The Roof

There are far more blanks in the world then one person can take on. There are many people in the world who appreciate the same opportunities for blanks. Often times, you can have an awesome experience with a blank just by associating with others. In this case, this blank cam from a good friend, Jason Lewis. He and another Lauren Parry accompanied by others put on a benefit for the organization Raise The Roof which is raising money for an orphanage in Ghana. Jason asked if I would like to design a t-shirt logo. It was not a lot of time spent at all. But it was interesting to see what type of involvement you can have just by saying yes. The event was held a a local shake and burger place called Sammy's that also has a venue where they had some good music and prizes to help promote donation. The t-shirts sold out and the event was well accepted. I'm glad for others who also appreciate the opportunities for blanks.

Chopper Fun

Certain blanks seemingly have no purpose other hen to have fun with the resources you have. Why not show you are thankful for them. It is even more fun when sharing it. In this case our friend, Jason Lewis, decided he would send us a picture of himself in a Black Hawk helicopter with the caption,"You have permission to be jealous." So Max Davis and I decided to send a photo in response while he was still at training . The caption was,"Look what we did too. It turns out, you don't even need training to get in one." We did this while driving with Max's family between Idaho and Utah on my laptop. We then bluetoothed it to and sent it from Max's phone. We were pretty proud of ourselves.

I believe to be a creative person, you must be actively putting yourself in positions in which you are available to fill a blank. In other words, just get out there. This one comes at a time when I am searching for work. I did not get paid for this but it was fun and supported my Alma Mater of BYU-I and my need for creative exercise. But who knows? New doors always open if you are willing to get out there and experiment. And it is just simply fun to take something as crazy as pond skimming and make it even more epic.


Blanks can be interesting things in that they can exist without any of us knowing that they are even there. But I guess that might stand to more reason if part of your definition of a blank consists of an element of nothingness...back to business.
Rexburg, Idaho is one of my favorite cities. I have learned so much here and had some of the best memories of my life. It is a small town that was created by people who served more than themselves. These are people who put themselves aside for a more beautiful hope of a community. Arthur Porter was one of these people. His descendants still live in Rexburg. You might meet one of them at Porter's Crafts. Some classmates and I decided that the Park that he long ago renovated that many enjoy deserves a tribute to him like others have nearby.
The thing is, we didn't even do that much. We just had the idea. We researched the price and contacted the community and family-the proper people to get it rolling. The rest is history. Or at least a tribute to it.
Sometime blanks are given to you with specifications. While we may be constrained in some way by the requester, it is not true that we have no room for creativity. Any project or facet of life can be done in a new way. A blank is still a blank.

However sometimes, it is just fun to fill the blank for something you really want to do. In this next example. I volunteered to be on a committee of three to be in charge of throwing a rodeo. For one of my projects I used this idea knowing that the event was coming up. Then i made another poster for the event. It was an amazing and fun night. We were responsible for 20 volunteers, 40 riders, advertising, planning the live stalk and live stalk crew and much more. It was 4 months in the planning. We ended up packing the house to a new record. I'm not even a real country boy, but it was fun to wear that hat for the while.
Ps. See if you can find my initials in the poster.

In this case, two things matter. First, sometimes things that once were fade into blanks. This isn't always a bad thing but sometimes a part of life. Second, Four Square is awesome! If you never played it, I am not going to make fun of you...but you are a loser. Okay, not really. But what would it be like to try and undo the great eraser marks of life? How would you make something cool again?

Sometimes a blank may come in the form of someone who just needs your help. In this case it was a roommate who volunteered to be over a blood-drive and needed a poster. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to fill countless blanks. Taking time away from the seemingly not fillible blanks in our own lives can do great things. Take those opportunities.