Raise The Roof

There are far more blanks in the world then one person can take on. There are many people in the world who appreciate the same opportunities for blanks. Often times, you can have an awesome experience with a blank just by associating with others. In this case, this blank cam from a good friend, Jason Lewis. He and another Lauren Parry accompanied by others put on a benefit for the organization Raise The Roof which is raising money for an orphanage in Ghana. Jason asked if I would like to design a t-shirt logo. It was not a lot of time spent at all. But it was interesting to see what type of involvement you can have just by saying yes. The event was held a a local shake and burger place called Sammy's that also has a venue where they had some good music and prizes to help promote donation. The t-shirts sold out and the event was well accepted. I'm glad for others who also appreciate the opportunities for blanks.